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NP Bakery and Coffee NP's Bakery & Coffee

Address: 217 Võ Văn Tần, 5, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minh

Hours: 8am-11pm

Parking: Limited Motorbike Parking, Free
Drinks: Excellent and Consistent
Food: Baked Goods, some ice cream
Price Range: 25k-75k
Order This: Any baked good on special, and a smoothie.
Ambience: Chill X-treme. High Schoolers at night.
Speak English: A Little. The owner is quite genial.
English Menu: No
Wifi Quality: Excellent
Plug Availability: Excellent
Air Conditioning: Yes
Outside Area: No
Bathroom Quality: Very Clean
Toilet Paper Available?: 50/50

Overall Impressions:

NP’s Bakery & Coffee is a charming cafe on Vo Van Tan street in the heart of District 3. There’s not much to the outside, but it’s narrow and cozy inside, with an upper loft and seasonal bakery/drink specials.

(Note that it’s on the opposite side of the street, just east of the entrance to the alley!)

I got a ca phe da and sinh to xoai (Mango Smoothie and black iced coffee) on my first visit, and pineapple juice on my second. The sinh to was exceptional – rich, thick, creamy, perfectly blended, and with a hefty portion of fresh mango chunks on top.

NP Bakery and Coffee NP's Bakery & Coffee

Prices are reasonable (60k smoothies, 30k coffees) and, at least during mid-morning, a quiet, outlet-studded place to get some internet work completed. On seeing the place in the afternoon, I have to say that weekday afternoons are super pleasant too.

NP Bakery and Coffee NP's Bakery & Coffee

True, it suffers from SEAsian Sound Syndrome (where the music is played at top volume, because), and the guy on the iPhone sometimes cuts out on a track halfway through, but for some reason (probably Stockholm Syndrom reasons), I haven’t been feeling my usual hate for local pop music lately. In fact… NO. I won’t say it. I don’t dare!

NP Bakery and Coffee NP's Bakery & Coffee
Totally cozy, totally charming. The constant waterfall over the front window makes
you feel like you’re spending a rainy day inside, even when it’s 95 F and sunny.

The first time I was there, the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack played through almost twice while I was working. It’s not really my musical bag… but it could have been more techno christmas music, so I guess there’s that.

Sample Musical Selection: