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Fly Cupcake Garden 

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drinks  at Fly Cupcake Garden, HCMC VietnamAddress: 25A Tu Xuong, Ward 7, District 3, HCMC

Hours: 9am-10pm
Website: http://www.flycupcake.vn/en/homepage/
Parking: Motorbike Parking with the attendant on the sidewalk across the street, 5k

Drinks: Consistently great
Food: Snack, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert
Price Range: 20k-250k
Order This: Chanh Da Xay (Blended ice and lime juice, and surpsisingly salty!) and a Red Velvet cupcake

Ambience: Posh. Date Night. Great areas for groups big or small. Perfect for friends or co-workers. More of a place to go with people than to get work done.
Speak English: Yes
English Menu: Yes

Wifi Quality: Consistently spotty. Ask them to reset the router if you have problems
Plug Availability: Available near the smaller tables
Air Conditioning: Yes

Outside Area: Yes, Covered
Bathroom Quality: Very Clean
Toilet Paper Available?: Yes

Overall Impressions: 

A nice street-side garden with a vintage/handmade aesthetic right out of the Top Etsy Sellers page, this space opens up inside into a well-lit series of vaulted brick arches, pastels, and elegant patterns that can be seen reflected in the cupcakes on display, of which there are many!

drinks at Fly Cupcake Garden, HCMC Vietnam
On my first visit, I had the Chanh Da Xay, or blended ice lime juice, and a ca phe da. No nestle mix here, and the coffee was surprisingly bitter but good overall. The Chanh da xay was FANTASTIC, and they added salt! I’d never had something like that before, but it was delightful, and quite refreshing.
Fly Cupcake Garden, HCMC Vietnam


You have to go up to the counter to see the cupcake selection – it’s worth it. Almost everyone speaks a little English.
cupcake  at Fly Cupcake Garden, HCMC Vietnam
They come with tiny, ornate little spoons! These are cupcakes to be savored.

I had the chocolate filled green tea (yes, chocolate on the inside – green tea cake! surprising and refreshing, with matcha-flavored frosting and a chocolate heart), but they were offering at least a dozen varieties, including strawberry, margarita, oreo, cream cheese chocolate, and so on, as well as sweet cakes, ice creams, and a food menu that got a serious workout during the lunch rush.

pork at Fly Cupcake Garden, HCMC Vietnam
Fried Pork Ribs with steamed rice.

Reliable internet, when it’s finally working. Superb, attentive service. Bit on the expensive side, but the ambience is great and the music ranges from ok-it’s-just-standard-pop to I-don’t-know-this-but-I-LOVE-IT. The food seems to be consistent (this is on the same block as my first afternoon class, so it’s become an occasional lunch spot for me).

Sandwich at Fly Cupcake Garden, HCMC Vietnam
Chicken Croquette… I think I could make a better one, honestly, but it’s
a quality small bite, and cheap. Served with chili sauce.

Interestingly, they offer water instead of the typical tra da (iced tea). Hoighty-toighty!

Roasted Chicken at Fly Cupcake Garden
A juicy piece of chicken, and, surprise! Kim chi! Pretty good, as far as I like kim chi.
I can see bringing co-workers or a group here. It would be a nice place to relax with friends, thereby showing them that you can afford to hang more rarified air.
A final note before you head out to buy a cupcake of your very own: I love the aesthetic of the mismatched cutesy dishes. They’re pitch perfect for this place!

Sample Musical Selection:

Someone here must have been watching Marvel’s Agent Carter, because I heard this there just a week after the song was in the premiere episode. I have no complaints – it’s a catchy little ditty. 🙂