Chinatown (Cho Lon), Saigon. Where you never know
what you’ll find around the next corner. Let’s go find out!

Looking back over the past 6 months, I realize I’ve slowly fallen into predictable patterns (like you do).

I go to the same comfortable places. I eat the same comfortable dishes (regardless of how delicious they are). I stop at the same comfortable streetfood stands…. My life becomes a tropical blur, where time has no meaning. I’m an ca phe da-drinking, com tam-eating robot stuck in a Groundhog Day loop of my own design. (Although let’s be honest: could be worse. Also: could be better… could have Bill Murray.)

Boo. This is boring. Let’s shake things up! That’s why I’m here, after all, right?

One of my resolutions for this coming year is to thoroughly investigate a series of typical Vietnamese/Saigonese things. There are a lot of topics that need some in-depth attention from me, and anything is fair game.

I don’t know if this project will work out or not, but there is A LOT that I haven’t tried yet, and I’m getting panicky about leaving (in a YEAR AND A HALF, chill, brother!) without really digging as deep as I could.

There’s nothing like a looming Deadline to get you off your butt, right?

Right now, the plan is to tackle new subjects in a rotating manner, cycling through each of them on my ‘off’ days when I don’t post about something else. I figure…. hell. 30 sounds like a nice round number. Let’s do 30 of each.

I know what I’m missing (or, more accurately, I’m aware that there’s a lot I’m missing and I have little idea what it is, but I’m reasonably sure I could find it if I tried just a bit harder).

And this is where you come in!

What are you curious about?

Some ideas for themes are:

  • Cafes
  • Soups
  • Rice Dishes
  • Vietnamese Customs
  • Weird Produce/Grocery Products
  • Conversations with Saigonese
  • Most Amazing Preschool Youtube Videos
  • …OR?!

I know, I know, you’re wondering why I haven’t done preschool ESL videos before. Well, let me tell you, it’s crossed my mind. I’m mostly joking. That would be the most annoying blog post of all time.

My only guidelines are:

1) It can’t be prohibitively expensive

2) I will use the app to find and rate what I eat and drink

3) Try and make an effort to visit/eat/drink/observe at least twice, for perspective!

I’m also curious about what you’re curious about. So for the love of Pete, don’t leave me hanging. 😉 Whether you’re in Vietnam or not, I want to know what YOU want to know about. It gives me a really great reason to go find out for myself! Sometimes you didn’t even know you had the same question.

Let’s go discover some more weird things to love or leave about Vietnam!

Got a suggestion for a project theme, restaurant, or dish? How about a snappier project title? I’m dying for all of those – leave them in the comments!