I’ve done a lot of talking about services, food, drinks, and products I’ve come across in HCMC, but it’s not always easy to compile those into a cohesive map of saigon businesses.

Not anymore!

That’s right! This is an ongoing map of everyplace I go: from getting ink cartridges to a haircut, drinks to my favorite restaurants, cafes, movie theatres, and parks, I’ve begun compiling everything here on a central place!

It is roughly half the places I’ve been to and utilized since moving here in 2013, and I’m sure I’ll be exploring even more in the future. I will continue to update this map with locations and small commentary, as well as reviews to my blog, if any.

Yellow = Restaurants and Cafes
Red = Services and Products
Blue = Entertainment and Tourism

Toggle the list of places in the upper left corner.

If you have questions about where to find something, recommendations on a restaurant, or questions how how to find a certain place, please don’t hesitate to email or leave a message in the comments!

I’ve had a decent amount of success finding what I need here, but seemingly never where or when I need it. I’ve yet to truly expand my offerings outside of Ho Chi Minh City, mostly because I don’t have the ability to check for consistency at businesses/restaurants/cafes I visit while traveling or on holiday, so forgive that particular exclusion.

ATTENTION: Are you looking for a particular thing or place? Something you heard about by word of mouth but just can’t seem to locate (and don’t worry… you’re not alone in this)? Please drop me a note and I’ll see what I can do to help! I remember having a devil of a time finding bandanas in this city in 2013 – It seems so weird and random sometimes, I know!