Hey no, neighbor! Let’s see how I’m doing on that massive New Year’s Resolution list, eh?

1. Maintain myself like a real person 

Seriously, a real person. That means not being scared of the barber, no more fried spring rolls for dinner, and you know what? I’ve got to get running again. The air here is hazy and polluted, but I just miss the run too much. It’s time to tighten up my personal time schedule and re-commit to becoming a healthier, more presentable person in 2014. And note to self… buy some real dress shoes, mmkay? These moccasins are not acceptable for professionals.

It may not look like I’m following through based on the photo at left, but I promise you, things are progressing! The whole list sounds intense, and I’ve set some big goals for myself, but I’ve made some progress on this front (and, indeed, on so many of my resolutions!). I’ll use this type of column to help document my progress on each of these goals, or to help myself understand why I’ve changed them from January and set new ones.
Click through to see how I got so colorful!

Ok… breaking it down:

  1. Haircuts
  2. Healthy eating routines
  3. Running
  4. Shoes

So, how are we doing here? So far, so good. I’ve been getting regular haircuts (STILL HATE IT… but it’s happening, which is something. At least they don’t expect me to talk with them), I’m refraining from eating 3 hours before bed, I got new shoes, and you know what? The running thing has been happening. For two months. 

And more than that, I’m apparently a person that goes to group exercise classes now (again… super duper hate it and the pounding techno music and the hour of shouting in Vietnamese, but the feeling afterward is pretty badass, and I’m feeling better about my body). This was a definite surprise.
In fact, let me share with you pictures of my first run in years! It was a 5k (3 mile) color run. People threw dyed tapioca starch at you along the way, and it was so much fun.

My two year exercise goal is a marathon. I’m pretty sure I can do it, if I stick to it. Here are Erin and I pushing out some of the Vietnamese in order to take a quick pictures with the run logo. We were first across the start line, and not too far behind crossing the finish. For a run that occurred at 3pm in the hottest month, my steady jog and occasional panting walk was an unqualified personal triumph. HCMC’s running scene is in its infancy, but these kinds of runs are becoming more common. Saturday’s run hosted 5,000 runners and a concert by Kelly Rowland (no, really) and some Australian Singing Man.

Obviously, these people have good taste and watch Archer (‘good taste,’ yes, let’s go with that). This was in the middle of the race lineup.

Ok, lookin’ good, Self. Keep it up, self. If you’ve got any experience running in tropical climes, please drop me tips in the comments! And if you’re interested in running that marathon with me on this side of the globe… maybe we can work on that too.