It’s Christmastime in Vietnam!

Despite being a primarily Buddhist/Atheistic country, it’s been a great surprise to learn and see first hand how much Vietnamese people TOTALLY DIG Christmas.

It’s the lights. The tree. The songs. Santa. Decorations are everywhere, and people flock from all over the region to the area around the Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown District 1 to take dozens of facebook profile pictures in front of the decoration displays.

I anticipated a week like any other week, but from the traffic to the atmosphere, it’s been a pleasant surprise.

To get into the spirit of the season, I’ve been singing Christmas songs with my first graders for several weeks. Although I’m pretty sure my ears will bleed if I ever hear Jingle Bell (sic) again, it was still pretty darn adorable.

It’s all Christmas, all the time this week in HCMC…!

My favorite is the girl doing the two finger airplane-guiding dance in the front row. Cracks me up EVERY TIME. Look at her face!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM VIETNAM! May your holidays be merry and bright, and your time relaxing. Don’t forget to have fun with your families this year. I know I’ll be missing mine – drive safe in all that snow and ice, Midwest!