I made a number of financial decisions this week, and I spent an absolutely insane amount of money.

For one thing, I decided to pay ahead on my rent (~$150) in order to prepare for my Cambodia trip next month – slowly getting used to the paid-once-a-month model.

I also bought a lot of things for our house! I got an amazing set of tables and chairs for the terrace, and it looks awesome – I think the porch is finally done. It’s so peaceful and nice out there!

I just finished a picture frame project for the 5th floor, and I bought some christmas lights and decorations – I couldn’t help myself! I also bought some things for the BBQ grill and got a bucket to make watering the plants easier (now that it’s the dry season, especially important). Lots of house stuff.

I also have some friends coming in late December, so that entailed new pillows, sheets, and an air mattress for them.

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Arrr, the bloody details: