The first step to taming your spending is knowing where your money is going – and, three weeks in, I’m finally developing a picture.

Most of my money is going to food. This is fairly unsurprising – I mean, I really like food, and I’m in one of the food capitals of the world. There is literally food everywhere. Go half a block and you’ll meet at least one street food vendor.

I should note that for this spending/tracking experiment, I’m just spending money like I normally would here. It’s probably true that I curtail it a little bit (you can’t observe something without changing it!) since I’m keeping such close tabs on it, but for the most part I’m letting myself run willy nilly.

Because my long-term money goals are ambitious (for me, at least), my next step after collecting data will be to create a budget that allows me to have fun and live a comfortable (delicious) life while also saving substantial portions of my income (hopefully in a way that lets me remit it to the US). Look for my first budget experiment in January 2014!

But for this week… my god, 83.3% of my weekly expenditures on food?!: