[Note: This is Tâm! She’s going to be doing a few guest posts about life in Vietnam. Please say hello, and when she posts her longer pieces, don’t forget to ask followup questions!! She’s super friendly and a pretty cool person. :)]

How I Met Ben

Hello everyone. My name is Minh Tâm – it means a good heart in a spiritual way. It is my honor to have a chance of making friends with Ben and his friends as you guys. 
Let me introduce myself a little bit. I’m 20 now and I’m a sophomore at Finance – Marketing University. My part-time job is to manage some houses which are rent by foreigners from different countries.
Ben and I met in the beginning of July when he became one of my customers. At that time, he opened the wooden door and we greeted warmly with a firm handshake – “Oops, his hand is far bigger than mine”. So, we have known each other in such a simple way. ^^
After having a short talk on the terrace in a Tuesday night, we came up with the idea that I would write a number of posts about both Vietnamese general public and things in Vietnam. I hope that you find them interesting due to some of different cultural patterns between the two countries that may bring many exciting things in our lives. 

See you soon.