It’s overcast and dark, and it doesn’t quiiiiiiite match up at the seams… but enjoy it anyway! This is from the very top of my flatshare, or the equivalent of the 6th floor, about 2 in the afternoon in an afternoon in July. It started raining about an hour later.

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The landlords say they’re putting up railings so that we can use this as a secondary growing/socializing spot. I’m thinking that’s the best news I’ve heard in ages – this is going to be a GREAT place to unwind with beers after a long day of school! Now I’ve just got to get some plants going up here…

And if you’re feeling shortchanged at this short post, here’s a couple pictures that didn’t fit into the (very, very long) House Tour post, I’m taking these from my fourth floor window in the middle of the morning.

If it’s sunny some afternoon and I’m bored I might try again. For now, know that I’m writing YOU a tour of my house AT THIS MOMENT!


Looking SE down the alley – notice all the
greenery! There were bees pollinating our
own garden this afternoon – very cool. The sheer vibrancy
of the homes is exciting to me, too!
All these colors are par for the course in Saigon.
I don’t think you could get an awning in a solid color
if your life depended on it, and houses? Check out the
rainbow guardrail in the upper left. Notice the
wooden shingles in the bottom right – that’s our front door.