I like this picture – I almost can’t believe it came out of my iPhone 3GS!
Finally, I moved into my new place on July 2nd! I sadly don’t have internet quite yet. So, while I’m working at a café, enjoy a few pictures of my new room!
You just don’t find taste like this anywhere, you know. I had to look.
This glorious Finding Nemo windowshade is the width of the entire building – not that the building is that wide! It covers my window-wall, which faces out over my new alley. The people across the alley have a balcony looking into my bedroom. This is very Vietnamese. It feels weird to have so many people so close together, but I also don’t care at this point. Maybe I will later. Right now it feels very comfortable.
I paid an extra $20 bucks for the window. The other size room in this building is… not cool. More when I do my official “house tour” post. And yes, my room (and indeed, my entire floor) is EXCESSIVELY PINK [not anymore!]. It’s like being on the inside of a giant sea anemone.

This mattress is brand new, but is the hardest, most dense mattress I have ever experienced. It’s like laying on a piece of plywood. There’s almost zero give in the damn thing.

Seriously. It’s like a rock. It might really be harder than
actual rocks, which I have slept on comfortably before. This
stuff barely dented the thing. I’m actually impressed.

I don’t know if I’m going to get a mattress topper or something of the kind. Last night was ok, but I was pretty tired. We’ll see how it goes the rest of this week…!

Although I slimmed down on my total number of belongings hardcore before I left, I still have five bags: the duffel, the backpacking bag, my overnight bag, my rolling small suitcase, and my messenger bag. As my german friend, who helped me move, noted, it’s a ton of stuff. I’m considering what I can downsize for the next move.

We’re still waiting on more furniture – the beds and bed frames just came yesterday. I can’t wait until the internet arrives! Guess I’ll have to just write a bunch of postcards in the meantime and hang out in my rooftop garden. 🙂

Before I dumped everything out.
No desk yet.

Unpacking it all one more time… for at least the next four months, I’ll be here. It’s good to unpack again, and for longer. I’m very glad I have my own place again. One other roommate has moved in and we are waiting for the other two to arrive.

I don’t know about mail yet. I have not figured out how people receive mail, how they would get mail into my house, or how to receive packages. If you want my address, please message (facebook, email, or text) and I’ll let you know – but don’t try to send anything quite yet! I won’t know for another 10 days (mail takes about 10-12 days from the US) to see what happens. Maybe I’ll send myself a postcard in the meantime.